YouTube is one of the biggest platforms of social media today. The site features everything from vlogs to Let’s Plays to scripted comedy skits. However, the great thing about YouTube is literally almost any type of content can be uploaded, which allows for some truly original videos. One of the most popular type of videos are prank videos. However, there is one YouTuber that took prank videos, changed up the format, and started to make a difference in people. This YouTuber’s name is LT.LICKME.

LT. LICKME currently has over one million subscribers to his YouTube channel, and for good reason. His content is both highly entertaining and very moving at times. The main content he is known for is trolling people over video games. However, this type of trolling is not your basic type of trolling. Instead of it just being a prank, these types of trolls sometimes strike fear into the hearts of his victims. Each is a different type of troll that messes with people in different ways.

When you look at the quality of every video he does, it has to be assumed that a lot of preparation goes into each and every video. And that is absolutely true. In fact, it is one of the things that LT prides himself on. I can’t go into details of how I do it, but it is definitely a lengthy process. Once I have selected someone and made contact with the people I need to, I then workout a general “synopsis” of how I want to steer this victim and what kind of hurdles to make them jump through, as well as an end conclusion of how I would like to end the confrontation.

Whenever someone wants to be trolled by LT, they can actually submit a form that he has on his channel. If you want to troll someone close to you, go ahead and click on the link here. However, according to LT., sometimes people will submit themselves just to talk to LT themselves.

Earlier on there had been a few times I messed up, as well as had been recognized as LT.LICKME. Unfortunately I can’t always trust the people who submit others and some had just submit themselves just to talk to me, which is kind of frustrating.

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