Popular Call of Duty YouTuber wins our poll with nearly 20,000 votes.

LT.LICKME is your best YouTuber from Australia and New Zealand. The Call of Duty YouTuber received 19,000 votes to top our poll ahead of Lachlan.

Our poll showcased the most talented gaming YouTubers in Australia and New Zealand – with so many great channels on the list, the lead swapped a few times, but in the end it was a battle between Lachlan, one of the most popular YouTubers in Australia, and LT.LICKME. Lachlan received 14,000 votes, but LT.LICKME soared ahead in the final day of voting to win by 5,000. He will go into our YouTube World Cup final next week against Miniminter, the winner of our best British YouTuber poll, Irish winner JackSepticEye, US champion PopularMMOs, plus the best YouTuber from Europe and the rest of the world. This is the big one! It’s like our World Cup Final for gamers as the winners of our best YouTuber polls go head-to-head to discover who is the best gaming YouTuber on the planet. Recently, we’ve been on a global tour to showcase the best YouTubers in the world. It kicked off with Miniminter winning the best British YouTuber poll, before we moved onto Ireland, USA, Australia and New Zealand, Europe and, finally, Canada. Now, the winner of each of these polls are representing their region in our best gaming YouTuber in the world poll. Can Miniminter win again? Will LT.LICKME, who has received more votes than any other gamer so far, top this poll again, or could it be the Swedish gamer Robbaz? You can have your say by voting in the poll below!

If you want to check out more of LT.LICKME’s videos on his channel, there is also a link below to some of his most recent work.