After weeks of planning; a Youtuber that goes by the online alias “LT.LICKME” poses as a member of the notorious hacking group “Anonymous”. He is attempting to confront an abusive mother for what could be his most intense encounter to date.

This all began after he had received multiple pleas for help via his online submission forms. Oh and these pleas for help..were from this woman’s OWN children. Clearly the abused children confided within LT.LICKME to reach out for his help. I guess some people might think that’s crazy; abuse victims reaching out to gaming Youtubers for help?? But after seeing what he had done to other people and the “hero” persona he had developed in this online community as his “Anonymous” series continued to grow..who could blame them? He was clearly someone they needed and someone who might be able to help.

So, he answered the call for help. And after receiving a disturbing video confirmation of the abuse that was taking place and validating all claims that were made by the children..well, this became VERY personal. Although LT.LICKME took this on he knew that he had a very heavy weight on his shoulders. As previous episodes leading up to this never really had the extreme consequences this one did. And this time if it didn’t work out there would be major consequences. So for a Youtuber who makes pranking videos on the internet; this all became a very real responsibility. With there being no other option but to break this woman down and make her see her mistakes he took this VERY seriously and you will see this in the way he handled it all in the video.

So just a word of warning before viewing this, it is a very emotionally intense video and it is not for the faint of please do watch at your own risk.